LUSH Product Review


A few months ago I bought these products from Lush because I was in DESPERATE need of a new skin care routine that I could now stick to. I had heard good things about these products and wanted to try them out for myself. I didn’t want to get a Continue reading


5 Things I’ve Learnt Since Becoming a Mom

There are going to be many things I will learn over the course of my child’s life but here are the 5 that I have realised so far!

1.You learn to do more things you could have imagined with one hand. I realised this pretty early when I was having to stay in hospital with my son for an extra week, regularly changing cot sheets with one hand and baby in the other after he’d thrown up, poo’d or wee’d on them!!

2.Belvita biscuits have become my life. I now understand why people said Continue reading

New beginnings and Change Up!

Right, things have changed drastically. Just over a month ago I had a gorgeous baby boy which is why my blog has become pretty neglected. As you can imagine it was a lot easier to keep up with beforehand and since having him I’d actually decided that I was going to leave the whole blogging thing behind as I have bigger priorities. OBVIOUSLY he is my absolute main priority but I’ve decided I still want to carry on with my blog. HOWEVER.. my money goes pretty much all on him now so I don’t think I am best suited to doing a beauty blog as I won’t be going shopping and buying all sorts of makeup etc. I have decided I would be better doing a lifestyle blog where I can hopefully post interesting things that you will want to read about all to do with daily life and also ‘mom life’. With this, I shall be redesigning my blog and improving it. Hope you enjoy and I’m glad to be back!

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation Review!


I am the type of person who finds a foundation they like and religiously use it for years. A couple of weeks ago I decided to mix it up a little! My usual go-to foundation has been the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation and I LOVE it, absolutely love it but I felt it was time for something new.

There are many good things I can say about the dream satin liquid foundation, it has a medium to full coverage, its affordable and it works into the skin well with a make-up brush. The bottle looks nice, the pump works well and the product blends brilliantly into my skin. All of the things that you would want with a new foundation!

I think this is a really good product and definitely worth buying however, I would still pick the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation over this one. Nothing yet has given me the same ‘Wow’ feeling as that.

Thanks for reading!