The Body Shop at Home – Update

If you are in the UK and would like priority access to exclusive offers and discounts that I can give you that are better than the store please hop on over to my group I’d love to have you and help you save some money! Think of me like your personal shopper who can help you with product advice, recommendations and free delivery!

So. I realised today that I hadn’t actually done an update of how this is going!!

To be totally honest I didn’t really know what to expect when I signed up to be a Body Shop at Home Consultant. I just thought hey extra money, a chance to work with some really good products and maybe it’ll help me to get out of my comfort zone a little bit. To be honest I also thought ‘Who wouldn’t want to party for a living?’ So if you’re interested in knowing more and how it’s all going keep reading!

I have been doing The Body Shop at Home for 5 months now. I joined for extra cash to help me out on Maternity Leave and to be honest that’s all I thought it was going to be, just a hobby that gave me some spare money. Oh how I was wrong when I realised that every month you get sales promotions where you can get free stuff! Not only that but there is a brilliant career plan. All of a sudden I had these dreams of working my way up and doing the best that I could. So now I am a Consultant working my way building a team to become an Area Manager – how cool does that sound?

I’m the type of person that gets really carried away with plans and things but with this I am taking it one step at a time and it seems to be going well. I have 2 lovely ladies in my team so far and I just need 7 altogether to have a full team!  I just love that I can do a job that’s fun, that really doesn’t feel like a job, you get loads of free and discounted products, it gets you social, has improved my confidence by a mile. There are just too many brilliant things about it.


Like I said I am building my team so if you live in the UK  and are interested in earning some extra cash, maybe to help pay for this Christmas, just give me a message and I can give you some more information.! I would love to help you out and help you achieve your goals!

Much love ❤ and thanks for reading!


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