What I got in my ‘The Body Shop at Home Starter Kit!


I just want to start off this post by saying this feels pretty irrelevant now! Not because it has been a month since I started but because there is now a better kit out for the new starters which is different to this! (More details at the end)

I thought I would write this post anyway because I’m still excited about it! When you join The Body Shop at Home you purchase a kit for £45 and you get £175 worth of products and above is what I received! You use this kit when you go round to ‘hosts’ houses and do a party for them and their friends. It gives everybody a chance basically to try out the products, see what they like and what they may want to buy. It’s a good chance to smell things too because you wouldn’t want to buy something smelly without knowing you like it would you?

Here is a list of the products in my kit going from left to right as well as I can-

Spatulas for hygiene when using products, Peppermint Foot Lotion, White Musk EDT, Almond Oil Hand Wash, Coconut Shower Cream, Strawberry Shower Gel, Satsuma Body Polish, Mango Body Sorbet (Love the sound of that, sorbet), Coconut Beautifying Oil, Peppermint Foot Soak, Peppermint Pumice Foot Scrub, Absinthe Hand Cream, Rose Hand Cream, at the front there is Hemp Hand Protector, Almond Oil Hand Cream and Almond Nail & Cuticle Oil, then there is Shea Body Butter, Coconut Body Butter and Argan Oil Body Butter. Last but not least we have customer order forms, the latest catalogues and customer invites.

What a lot of stuff! As you can probably imagine I couldn’t wait to get stuck in and try everything so I got my best friend round and we did a little ‘unboxing’ to see what there was!

Overall I think it is such good value for money because The Body Shop stuff really lasts longer than you think and I look forward to sharing with you what my favourites are and what I think of things!

Thanks so much for reading!

Here is the information about the new kit..

My kit above was called the ‘Pamper Kit’ which was £175 worth of products for £45. Now (a couple of weeks after I started, argh!) they have released a new kit for the same price! However, what’s different about the new kit is it has a bit of everything – skin care and make-up! Darn it! It’s £200 worth of products and you’re spending only £45. Also, if you host a free party first, you can actually become a consultant and purchase your kit for £20 instead which is amazing!


2 thoughts on “What I got in my ‘The Body Shop at Home Starter Kit!

    • heidiseeley says:

      Ooh how exciting! Only just seen this comment! I love it, it’s really helping to build my confidence especially with speaking to people I don’t know. How has your first month been? 😀 xx


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