Becoming a Body Shop at Home Consultant!


Bit of a different post today, I’m excited!

I can’t actually remember what got the idea into my head about this but in the past I went to speak to someone about Ann Summers Parties and I ended up not actually doing it. I got so into it at first that I’d started to design business cards and everything. I just decided that it wasn’t for me and that customers would probably be hard to come by because not everybody is open to that. So recently I decided to look into The Body Shop at Home. It was good because you don’t actually sign up, I filled in a form online and the closest manager to me contacted me within a few days. It was more of just an informal chat just to see what you want from it, any information you need etc, how much money you plan to make etc.

Then you have to get 4 parties booked..DUN DUN DUUUN! This was the worst part because she actually tried to challenge me and only gave me 24 hours to find 3 people to host a party (the 4th one I host myself).

Luckily a couple of people were happy to host and to help me out which was brilliant! So those are booked within the next 2 weeks (eek!)

My party happened tonight, basically my manager runs the party, I’m the host and it was a chance for her to show me what happens, the games you play, the general script etc.

It was a good night, quite a few people cancelled but there was a good 7 of us there which was pretty good. There’s a brilliant host offer too where if your party reaches £125 in sales, you receive £25 worth of free products, your choice from the catalogue! Not bad!  Really enjoyed it and now I’m just looking forward to the next one where I’m actually running it! No pressure! Just waiting on my starter kit too which will be here within a couple of days I should think. My leaflets arrived in the post a couple of days ago so I might put them through some doors. Lets see how this goes!

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Becoming a Body Shop at Home Consultant!

    • heidiseeley says:

      It’s really good thank you! Sorry I’ve been AWOL from blogging recently so only just seen this! I love it, it doesn’t feel like work at all, I’m building a team now too which is going to be a lot of fun 😀 Thank you for asking! Hope you’re doing well

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