Nourish: Relationships

My word of the day was nourish. The first thing that immediately came into my mind was plants. I imagined the literal idea of nourishing a living thing and keeping it alive. Giving it the food, water and sunlight that it needs to survive and thrive. There are many things you can ‘nourish’;  mostly relationships, whether that be romantic or platonic.

Relationships need love, care and attention to keep them healthy. I think a lot of relationships lose sight of this and that’s why they don’t work out. I do think that people tend to give up a hell of a lot quicker than they used to. When you think about a lot of peoples grandparents that have been together for like 50 odd years. That sounds crazy! 2 years with my man and he already drives me up the wall 😉 imagine 50! Nah just kidding I love that man to bits, he is absolutely my world but I do think it’s amazing how long they’ve been together.

The difference is though is that they fought through everything. Have a problem? Deal with it. Rough patch? Stick together. Nowadays people see a rough patch and think gah never mind eh it’s obviousy not working out.Its the hard times that really help build your relationship stronger. Its so nice to be able to share things with someone and know that they are going to stand by you and give you that support and vice versa. I think more people need to stand back sometimes and think to their grandparents and think about what they would do/what they would have done in each situation.

Maybe relationships would last longer and be happier. Don’t get me wrong if you’re not happy then sure you shouldn’t be with that person. I also think that people rush into relationshups too fast, they seem to just be having them for the sake of it. Or even people who are having relationshops because they don’t like to be on their own. I think that’s pretty sad. Anyways! love life, nourish your relationships and enjoy every day 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Nourish: Relationships

  1. any1mark66 says:

    People are difficult and impatient. There were more pressure to work together in the past. Today if we wait a week for something it kills us. Fifty years ago waiting a month to get something you wanted was no big deal. We create false expectations for each other. But the immediacy thing treks us is taking too long. That and short memories are the key to long relationships.

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  2. theintrovertmomblog says:

    So true. I think a lot of people in relationships forget that they are supposed to be a team. They forget to listen because they just want to be heard. I love seeing people in love. Healthy happy relationships are rare and so so special.


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