10 Random Facts About Me

I’m now a mother and it really is the most amazing thing ever. Can’t wait for everything we have to come. We’ll see if I’m still saying that when the tantrums are here 😉

My favourite meal is Fajitas. Only medium spice though cause I’m a bit of a wimp!

Watching Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners makes me want to completely organise and clean the house and I always go on a reorganising spree after watching.

I never eat food together Eg. Gammon, egg and chips; I’ll eat the gammon first, then the egg and then the chips. I used to leave my favourite till last but found by the time I got to it I was too full and couldn’t eat it

I love candles, but hey doesn’t everyone? I really love sweet smelling ones.

I like eating pickled onions out of the jar.

I can literally count the number of friends I have on one hand. Which is brilliant because that handful of people are the best, most honest, real people ever and they’re such good people to have in my life. I’d hate to have loads of ‘friends’ that all hardly know each other.

When I was pregnant I had no symptoms after 12 weeks, no cravings or anything which was pretty lucky!

I cannot stand most veg which is so bad. The only thing that’s green that I’ll eat is broccoli which I love. I have to eat things like cannolini beans and butter beans to sort of make up for it.

I’m so upfront, I tend to tell people exactly what I’m thinking. I don’t seem to have much of a filter but I think thats a good thing really because at least people know where they stand.

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9 thoughts on “10 Random Facts About Me

      • theintrovertmomblog says:

        Me too. I had Ben 3 months ago and I have had so much trouble losing the baby weight. Need to get back into shape


      • heidiseeley says:

        Aww lovely! Congrats! Aw i had an Emergency C section and am really wanting to exercise but im worried. Luckily i didnt eat much rubbish when i was pregnant so im more or less the same size its just my belly a bit that wont go :/ just trying to eat right but its so hard when you’re trying to do 10,000 things in the day! What have you tried?


      • theintrovertmomblog says:

        How long has it been since your c section? You don’t want to over do it to soon. It typically takes about 3 months for your body to bounce back from pregnancy. Do you wear your baby? I find that’s the best way to get things done and I also will do a light workout while I’m wearing him. If your breast feeding you tend to have more of an appetite. I stopped buy junk food. Replaced it with nuts and health granola bars (not the ones dipped in chocolate) I’ve just been trying to be more aware of what I eat. Don’t try and starve yourself… That never works lol.


      • heidiseeley says:

        9 weeks now but i recovered so fast! True, might start with walks and make them gradually longer, gets little man out in the fresh air too. No i tried that but he hates it, since he was born hes hated being restricted think he feels trapped. Yeah might just do that and make sure i have 3 meals and make them healthy and dont snack

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