My Message To All Parents

Note: If you are not a parent this post might be a bit boring for you šŸ™‚

First of all I want to say, If you are a parent then well done. You are doing a brilliant job. Obviously you really do never realise some things until you actually have children yourself. You don’t realise the things that your parents went through, the things they did and how much love they really do have for you…its insane! A couple of days after my little boy was born I had a moment whereĀ IĀ just found myself staring at his little face for ages and ItĀ is indescribableĀ just how much love I had for that little human. Anyway, whether you are in a couple or a single parent you are amazing!

Mostly what I’ve been thinking recently is how on earth single parents cope! I manage to juggle looking after little man in the day timeĀ  along with sometimes trying to do the washing, wash up, keep the house tidy, clean and keep myself sorted but it’s so nice when my other half can help out after work and give me the chance to get some more things done out of that list that haven’t been done already. Sometimes it is such a relief when the baby is struggling to get his wind up and I’ve been standing there for 45 minutes trying to get rid of it and he takes over. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to be a single parent and I honestly take my hat off to you!!

Children are beautiful, amazing little people but likewise they can make you feel like you want to pull your hair out, I think there should be a ‘Parents Awards Day’ where every parent gets a little medal for being awesome ;-). This was just a (sort of) brief little message that I wanted to share with you because for new parents especially I’m pretty sure it’s nice to know that you are doing a good job. (Not that I’m in any way experienced to tell someone they’re doing a good job, my baby is only 2 months old!) I just feel like it’s nice to know, and as long as your baby is fed, warm, loved and sheltered you can’t be doing much wrong. We will make mistakes, but we will learn from them!

Last of all I doubt she will read this but I just want to say a final thank you to my Mom who was a single parent and I think she did an amazing job. She loved me unconditionally, she made sure I never went without and she was just brilliant. I didn’t realise when I was younger just how much of a hard time she went through which makes me sad because I was a bit of a nightmare for her but at least now I can appreciate everything she did knowing that she always tried her best. I love you Mom xxxx

Thank you for reading!


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