LUSH Product Review


A few months ago I bought these products from Lush because I was in DESPERATE need of a new skin care routine that I could now stick to. I had heard good things about these products and wanted to try them out for myself. I didn’t want to get acleanser from Lush because they all seemed to be ones that you scrub on your face and then wash off and that doesn’t really appeal to me, It’s too messy and too much fuss, who’s going to want to do that every morning?  I went for the ‘Eau Roma Water’ toner, the ‘Enchanted Eye Cream’ and the ‘Skindrink’ facial moisturiser.

Eau Roma Water (Toner) £8.50

First impressions of this product were great, the previous toner I had was a liquid that you put onto a cotton pad and then onto your face and I loved this concept of being able to spray the toner on instead. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s so refreshing. This toner says that it hydrates the face and It definitely does that. I would recommend this to you to use as part of your daily cleansing routine.

Enchanted Eye Cream £12.95

The thing that would put most people off this product is the price. For such a small bottle you may think that this price is ridiculous. However it does go an extremely long way, you literally need the smallest squirt on your finger and it’ll do both eyes. You just dab it underneath and with your finger carefully smooth it under your eyes to soften and refresh the skin. It would last a really long time which in the end makes it worth the price. I can’t say I’ve really noticed a massive difference with my eyes so personally I wouldn’t recommend it.

Skindrink Facial Moisturiser £12.95

I was disappointed with this product. I was looking for a new moisturiser that was going to make my skin feel hydrated and refreshed. The name skindrink implied that it was going to give my skin a drink (obviously) which I thought would be perfect! I have dry skin and especially when I get out the shower my skin is super dehydrated and a drink is certainly what it needs. HOWEVER… I really don’t like the grainy texture of this moisturiser, it feels as if there is sand inside it and it makes my skin feel really greasy afterwards. It does say that it’s rich but I really expected it to be a lot different, I definitely wouldn’t recommend this moisturiser.

These products may be better for you but this was just my experience, hope you enjoyed reading!




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