New beginnings and Change Up!

Right, things have changed drastically. Just over a month ago I had a gorgeous baby boy which is why my blog has become pretty neglected. As you can imagine it was a lot easier to keep up with beforehand and since having him I’d actually decided that I was going to leave the whole blogging thing behind as I have bigger priorities. OBVIOUSLY he is my absolute main priority but I’ve decided I still want to carry on with my blog. HOWEVER.. my money goes pretty much all on him now so I don’t think I am best suited to doing a beauty blog as I won’t be going shopping and buying all sorts of makeup etc. I have decided I would be better doing a lifestyle blog where I can hopefully post interesting things that you will want to read about all to do with daily life and also ‘mom life’. With this, I shall be redesigning my blog and improving it. Hope you enjoy and I’m glad to be back!


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