Superdrug Haul!


Eeeek I’ve been super excited to write this post, I went to Superdrug yesterday and got a few things so thought I would share them with you! So here goes, in no particular order…


I bought the Real Techniques Deluxe Gift Set. Not sure if it’s a good thing to buy a gift set for yourself but who cares! I have desperately needed to update and increase my brush collection and this was the best set that was suited to me. I personally think it would have been better if it included the blusher brush (why do none of the sets contain that??) but the first one on the left is the multi task brush which can be used for powder, blush and bronzer so it’s a pretty good one to be included. Also included is a tapered foundation brush, angled highlighter brush, a base shadow brush and a fine liner brush. This is a really good range and I think they would all come in useful. To top it all off it comes with the Glam-to-go clutch bag to store them all in. Winning! Overall I would definitely recommend this brush set as they are all useful, it was only £20, they have a beautiful look and includes a bag. Perfect.


Next I bought this Palmer’s Manuka Flower Honey shampoo and conditioner. I had never seen these before and I just thought they looked really interesting. The shampoo says that it’s strengthening, the conditioner says it’s nourishing. They are natural, moisturising, cleansing and contain Amla Oil, Cocoa and Shea Butter. Personally I think they also smell amazing. It smells a lot like the rest of Palmer’s products with that honey/Shea butter smell, I think it’s going to make your hair smell great and I’m excited to use them!

RRP £6.99


These were some basics that I needed, can’t have a Superdrug haul without basics! I’ve ran out of Nail varnish remover so got some of that and I got some Cotton pads too. Boring note – I usually get the larger oval cotton pads but since I have recently changed my skincare routine for a review (will be up Sunday 6th March) I decided to get the smaller round ones as I am only using them for my cleanser.

RRP £1.09 & £3.00


This is something I have needed for ages! I recently said in my make-up brushes post linked here – Make-Up Brushes! that I needed to update my current blusher brush and really wanted this one so I finally got it! I’ve been so disappointed that Real Techniques didn’t have this in any of their sets so you have to buy it separately but oh well. Really looking forward to using this.

RRP £9.99


Lastly something I am also really excited about is the New Max Factor Marilyn Monroe Collection Lipstick. I saw these and immediately fell in love, everyone loves a good red lip and the colours in this collection are beautiful. There are only 4 colours to chose from but I feel like that’s enough as at least one of them is going so suit each person and skin tone. I personally went for the Number 4 in Cabernet. It’s the deepest red of all of the colours and I chose it because I didn’t want something that was going to be ‘in your face’ but still make a statement.

That is everything for my Superdrug Haul! Hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading!


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