Make-Up Brushes!

Good Evening!

It’s extremely obvious that I have the smallest make-up brush collection EVER but I thought it would be a good idea to show where I am at now as I was treating this like a journey and as I go along my collection will grow. There is also no consistent brand here as nearly every brush is by a different company. My favourite brushes are the Real Techniques ones and I am hoping to get some more soon.

In order I have the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. I use this for applying foundation. I pump some of the product onto my hand then I use this brush to blend it onto my skin. I find that this brush works brilliantly and I truly love it. This is the first Real Techniques brush I have and because of how good it is, it has made me really want to purchase more. I would recommend this for someone starting out with make-up.

Secondly I have a Barry M Blusher Brush. I bought this when I didn’t know anything at all about make-up and had bought my first ever blusher and needed something that was going to put it on my cheeks (brutal honesty). Since I have been using make-up more and properly I have been looking into new brushes and want to get the Real Techniques Blush Brush which I am going to buy for myself soon as this brush I have currently is just a standard one and isn’t very good. I wouldn’t recommend this.

The third brush is a new one I recently purchased which is the No.7 Contour and Highlight Brush. I have never used contour or highlight in my entire life, honestly I’m apprehensive to try it because I can imagine for the 10 times I’m going to end up looking like a clown but I bought this to try and push myself out of my comfort zone and experiment more with make-up looks. Maybe there will be a ‘make-up look’ blog post at some point? Who knows. Anyway, we’ll see how I get on with this.

Thirdly is just your standard brush for brushing through your eyebrows and separating your eyelashes. Nothing fancy, just something I had from a make-up set my Mum bought me when I was younger and I still have it.

Last of all is a Barry M Angled Eyeliner Brush I think? It’s angled anyway and I swear it wa supposed to be for applying eyeliner….. I’m not too sure. I don’t use this for eyeliner, I use this for applying colour to my brows. The angled brush head helps to create little strokes to fill in your brows. I am a serious beginner with eyebrows (mine are terrible and I need to get them done properly) I just pluck them and they grow weird and I don’t know they’re just odd but either way I do what I can with them!

Thank you for reading!

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