The Body Shop at Home – Update

If you are in the UK and would like priority access to exclusive offers and discounts that I can give you that are better than the store please hop on over to my group I’d love to have you and help you save some money! Think of me like your personal shopper who can help you with product advice, recommendations and free delivery!

So. I realised today that I hadn’t actually done an update of how this is going!!

To be totally honest I didn’t really know what to expect when I signed up to be a Body Shop at Home Consultant. I just thought hey extra money, a chance to work with some really good products and maybe it’ll help me to get out of my comfort zone a little bit. To be honest I also thought ‘Who wouldn’t want to party for a living?’ So if you’re interested in knowing more and how it’s all going keep reading!

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Video First Impression The Body Shop-Vitamin E Cleansing Routine


So, I decided to film a video…EEK! I know. In person I am one of the most awkward, shy and anxious people ever but on camera I don’t know, I’m like a different person!

I’m a little odd, but it’s just how I am so I decided to just be me and be natural – Hope you like it 😀

My Current The Body Shop Favourites!

Good Evening!

I do work for The Body Shop at Home but all of these are my actual favourites and everything I write about them are my genuine opinion!

  1. Coconut Body Butter

This Body Butter is so far definitely my favourite, I’ve  never really been a coconut kind of person but since smelling this I definitely am! The thing I like most about this smell is that it’s so subtle and so creamy. The Body Butters themselves as you may know are just the most amazing formula themselves, so hydrating, they melt right into your skin and make it feel brilliant! I love that they are 24 hour moisturising too, always a bonus. The Body Butters are one of our most popular products and I can definitely see why! You can tell it’s good because I was always that person who NEVER moisturised after getting out of the shower (bad girl!) and now I do it every single time, I love it!20160713_1939212. Almond Conditioning Hand Wash

I think this products is definitely underrated, I have this in my kitchen next to my normal soap and what I use it for is after I’ve washed up. The reason why is because after I have done the washing up for some reason (I don’t know if it is just me but) the washing up liquid really dries my hands out. So what I do is after I’m finished I use some of this bad boys to wash my hands and it makes them feel so lovely! Not to mention they smell beautiful! An all round great product, I think because it is actually soap free too that stops it from drying your hands out. 20160713_1938403. Mango Body Sorbet

Ever since I tried this out for the first time when I recieved my starter kit I have LOVED it! I actually have to stop myself from using it because my kit is supposed to be for people at parties to try! I am definitely going to be buying one for myself! Mango is another scent I didnt think I’d be mad about but this body sorbet smells divine! Body Sorbet basically is a lighter way to moisturise, say maybe you don’t want to use a body butter in the summer time, a Body Sorbet is the best way to go! It’s so light, it melts straight into the skin, smells so good and the best part is you can put them in the fridge for a bit and take it out on a hot day and cool your skin down!  What a fabulous product!20160713_1938534. Oils of Life Sleeping Cream

I bought this product from The Body Shop before I actually became a consultant, I went into store asking what moisturiser would help me with dry skin as it was pretty common for me to get random dry skin patches on my face which was a nightmare then for foundation cause it just looked silly! The lady recommended me this Oils of Life Sleeping Cream to put on just before bed, after I have cleansed and toned. Immediatly I looked at the price tag and thought.. GULP Not sure… But seriously It is brilliant. My skin is totally normal now, no dry patches, the product itself feels so luxurious on the skin and best of all it is lasting me AGES! I have had this for months now and if you look on the right side of the jar in the photo the lowest point on there is where its at cause I’d literally just quickly tipped it and took the picture straight away! Great Investment.20160713_1941175.Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet

This is another thing from my kit that I keep using because I love it so much! This is used as a moisturiser after cleansing and toning in the morning and it is PERFECT for summer. Same as the Body Sorbet it is so light, non greasy and is the best base I’ve had so far for make-up! I just love the idea in general of a sorbet too (it also looks like sorbet! YUM) Not edible!20160713_1941046. Satsuma Body Polish

The Body Polishes are a great way to daily exfoliate and much less harsh than a scrub. The thing i love most about this Satsuma one is that it is so great to wake you up in the morning with that zingy citrus smell!20160713_1940507. Black Musk Fragrance Mist

Black Musk…Yummy! By the way this is cruelty free! As is everything at The Body Shop but just wanted to clarify because some people have been unsure about the Musks. This one is definitely my favourite, ideal for anyone who likes vanilla toned smells its absolutely gorgeous. One thing I would do differently though is get the EDT because the Body Mists definitely don’t last very long and I wouldn’t remember to keep topping it up throughout the day!20160713_195830Thank you for reading my current The Body Shop Products! If you like these and you want to buy them (UK ONLY) or would like to make an order from the catalogue just let me know! I’ll leave the Summer July- September catalogue link below! Hope you enjoyed 😀

The Body Shop Summer Catalogue!

What I got in my ‘The Body Shop at Home Starter Kit!


I just want to start off this post by saying this feels pretty irrelevant now! Not because it has been a month since I started but because there is now a better kit out for the new starters which is different to this! (More details at the end)

I thought I would write this post anyway because I’m still excited about it! When you join The Body Shop at Home you purchase a kit for £45 and you get £175 worth of products and above is what I received! You use this kit when you go round Continue reading

Becoming a Body Shop at Home Consultant!


Bit of a different post today, I’m excited!

I can’t actually remember what got the idea into my head about this but in the past I went to speak to someone about Ann Summers Parties and I ended up not actually doing it. I got so into it at first that I’d started to design business cards and everything. I just decided that it wasn’t for me and that customers would Continue reading

Nourish: Relationships

My word of the day was nourish. The first thing that immediately came into my mind was plants. I imagined the literal idea of nourishing a living thing and keeping it alive. Giving it the food, water and sunlight that it needs to survive and thrive. There are many things you can ‘nourish’;  mostly relationships, whether that be romantic or platonic.

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I Write Because….

I write because I have written in diaries/journals for as long as I can remember, usually when I was upset, family dramas or things going on with my friends. Just realised in diaries it’s very rare people write about the good things going on in life. Writing has always been my way of dealing with Continue reading

The Body Shop ‘Oils Of Life’ Review


Recently I have been struggling with my skin being really dry, I think it might have something to do with the changes of weather – from the snow that we had in March to the lovely heat now in May. The only moisturiser I’ve ever had (apart from LUSH’s ‘Skindrink’ which I really don’t like) is Nivea’s daily moisturiser, which is a really good deal for the amount that you get and it’s pretty hydrating although a bit greasy. I decided that because my skin was in such bad condition that Continue reading